How It Works

Our mission begins with lots of innovative plans in one project to crypto holders, users and investors for save their assets and life.



FIRE CRYPTO VISION is a software employed to detect the authenticity of crypto coins / tokens. The main threat of crypto users and holders are getting vulnerable by scammers. These scammers operate individually, as a group or in the disguise of a company.Public can check authenticity of their any believed/beloved new/reputed/existed crypto coins/tokens it’s legit or scam. Fire doge will allow the consumers to use our software free of cost for the first six months, which will later be released in the Fire doge website for free. After 6 months FIRE CRYPTO VISION will be updated and will be released version 2.0 Public can check their believed/beloved coins/tokens whether it’s Legit/Scam with detailed report and evidence in a single click.



Fire doge providing a insurance plan to its holders which protects the coins/tokens from hackers.Fire doge holders can recover/reimburse their lost assets by using FIRE SHIELD CRYPTO INSURANCE.
FIRE DOGE provides crypto insurance service to its holders.
FIRE DOGE Creates a safety fire wall around user’s wallet and ensures optimum security.
If crypto users have lost their Coin or Token irrevocably, FIRE DOGE will provide to them with one of the following FIRE DOGE / BTC / ETH / USDT / BNB / TRX equivalent compensation for their lost coin / tokens.
Users must have $100 worth of FIRE DOGE coins in their wallet to make an insurance claim.