The other type of threat to crypto users and holders are getting stolen by Hackers.

Fire doge providing a insurance plan to its holders which protects the coins/tokens from hackers. That is so called FIRE SHIELD CRYPTO INSURANCE. Fire doge holders can recover/reimburse their lost assets by using FIRE SHIELD CRYPTO INSURANCE.


Hackers use four different methods to steal all the coins / tokens from the crypto users' wallet.


The most common method is hacking the users 'mobiles, laptops and desktops to access their private key or secret phrase stored on it. And steal users' entire holdings of cryptocurrency / tokens by using their private key or secret phrase.


Hackers contacting crypto holders via mobile number, email or social networking sites send a cryptocurrency / token that they wish to give away for free (and as airdrops),attach a programmed link to it, which access the user's wallet and loots the entire coin / token in the wallet.


Hackers use the serious vulnerability in the smart contract of tokens to steal all the tokens in the wallet.


Hackers create counterfeit or duplicate currency in each blockchain, list it on decentralized exchanges such as Pancake Swap Uniswap Apeswap Quick swap, and send tokens worth $ 1000 to $ 50000 to all wallet users on that chain. Users also get excited when they see a high value token in their wallet. They try to sell those tokens immediately. The user must give approval from his wallet at the first sale of any token in decentralized exchanges. This is where hackers smartly convert the approval given for a particular coin or token into the approval for all coins / tokens in the wallet. Hackers steal all the coin tokens in the wallet once users have give their approval. Centralized exchange users (Binance, Huobi, FTX, KuCoin, okex etc) are mainly not attacked by these types of threats cause of each exchange has its own kind of firewall security systems. whereas decentralized exchange called as DEFI (pancakeswap, uniswap, Apeswap, Quickswap etc) and stored wallets (trustwallet, metamask) are mainly attacked by these types of threats and gets stolen.

“Centralized exchange users (Binance, Huobi, FTX, KuCoin, okex etc) are mainly not attacked by these types of threats cause of each exchange has its own kind of firewall security systems”


1. FIRE DOGE assures best protection for cryptocurrencies and tokens that Crypto Users have stored or purchased in their wallet.
2. FIRE DOGE protects crypto users’ wallet from all kinds of attacks by hackers.
3. FIRE DOGE provides crypto insurance service to its holders.
4. Hackers cannot steal any asset in the wallet in which it is stored FIRE DOGE.
5. FIRE DOGE Creates a safety fire wall around user’s wallet and ensures optimum security.
6. If User’s/Holder’s crypto coin or token is stolen in breach of these security features, the FIRE DOGE Support Team assures to recover them asset.
7. If crypto users have lost their Coin or Token irrevocably, FIRE DOGE will provide to them with one of the following FIRE DOGE / BTC / ETH / USDT / BNB / TRX equivalent compensation for their lost coin / tokens.
8. Users can recover lost crypto using FIRE DOGE coin. conditions apply
9. Users must have $100 worth of FIRE DOGE coins in their wallet to make an insurance claim.