The main threat of crypto users and holders are getting vulnerable by scammers. These scammers operate individually, as a group or in the disguise of a company. They target crypto users with a long-term strategy. create a token / coin and sell their coin / token to lure users with attractive advertisements and paid promotions to enhance its bogus value through counterfeit transactions. After a certain period of time, they abscond with the entire loot. An average of 190 companies a year have been believed to be involved in such malpractice over the past three years. Fire doge is trying to develop a software named FIRE CRYPTO VISION to protect crypto users from this type of unforeseen attacks. FIRE CRYPTO VISION is designed in such a way that crypto users can identify Legit or Scam coin/token with a single click before buying/swapping.

FIRE CRYPTO VISION is a software employed to detect the authenticity of crypto coins / tokens. Public can check authenticity of their any believed/beloved new/reputed/existed crypto coins/tokens it’s legit or scam. Fire doge will allow the consumers to use our software free of cost for the first six months.