“Create a crypto world free of scammers and hackers. We need to protect crypto holders, users and investors from all sorts of clever and fraudulent attacks by hackers and scammers. Our dream is big and Thoughts are high and prudent. We shall achieve this.... because our purpose is noble”


We’re a group of Blockchain Researchers, developers, security engineers, crypto enthusiasts, investors, and marketers who are driven to create an ecosystem of shared success. We have been involved in crypto since 2015 at various levels of involvement and interest, As a group, we became infatuated with investing in crypto projects – everything from meme tokens with ridiculous names to foundational coins that were setting up to rock the financial industry. For the most part, these two worlds of crypto were in stark contrast. The meme tokens were fast-paced, fun, and engaging because they were typically community-driven, and this elicited a sought-after sense of camaraderie. We were certainly burnt a few times where we lost our entire investment and there were also times where we did really well.

Be it good, bad, or ugly, you felt as if you were part of something. On the other end of the spectrum, were the more ‘serious’ projects. These slower-paced projects were projects that had a real utility that the world actually needed. Yet, we could not figure out why these massive meme communities were not getting behind serious crypto projects, at least not with the passion and word of mouth we’ve seen catapult certain meme tokens – Was it the lack of marketing? Were the real-use utility concepts too complex? Not exciting enough? Were the projects non relatable to the average person? It’s not secured?

Leading up to this time, crypto seemed to be an alluring space filled with a mixture of magic and confusion. From a high-level standpoint, the concept of decentralized finance made a lot of sense, but when you had to dive into the inner workings the number of individuals that could speak confidently on the subject matter was extremely low. It was obvious to us that the legacy financial infrastructure was not built for the new digital age driven by speed and transparency. Yet, at the same time, crypto was still so new, scary, and riddled with unknowns – variables that do not secure well with finance. We identified that a core issue revolved around the lack of security, insurance, education, transparency, and trust. Our approach to bridging this gap was to simplify the complex and instill confidence through a trusted circle that can provide guidance and instill trust.

We loved the community aspect of meme tokens as it gave us an excuse to talk with each other more often, strategic our next moves, and commiserate together about our wins and losses. Though we realized most of them affected badly by the scammer’s hackers and cheaters (fraudulence individual/companies) but they have no source to recover them.

What was a smart and secure that we had a realization – we have decided to create high level security for crypto users and provide crypto insurance for everyone could we create a project that was fueled by community engagement, yet at the same time driven by purpose and utility for the long-term? The project needed to be built on a secure, reliable, and trustworthy platforms and at this moment, Fire doge was born.



Fire doge is a yield generating and community driven BEP-20 token built on the secure Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. We launched FDOGE with a vision to make crypto world without Hackers and scammers. will save Crypto holders, users and investors from Hackers and scammers in their all types of intelligence and fraudulent attacks and the well-known foundational coins of crypto, creating a unique token that provides lifestyle perks with financial rewards and incentives to its holders with a pathway for practical long-term use in everyday life.

“Create a crypto world free of scammers and hackers. We need to protect crypto holders, users and investors from all sorts of clever and fraudulent attacks by hackers and scammers. Our dream is big and Thoughts are high and prudent. We shall achieve this.... because our purpose is noble”

For Our Holders

We believe everyone should be able to reap the benefits of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and the strongest DeFi ecosystem. With that in mind, we launched FDOGE with a total supply of 100000 Trillion tokens, yet that circulating supply continues to decrease as we have built-in a 80% burn into our tokenomics to increase token scarcity. To start on the right foot and to establish FDOGE as a long-term project, we had no biased pre-sale event as 100% of the tokens were released on the open market, we locked liquidity to support the project.

Recover/Compensate for lost Assets
Rights to know Legit/Scam crypto
Access to Ecosystem
Payment Processing
NFT Ticketing
NFT Marketplace


FDOGE is a long-term project with a bold vision, strategic road map, and united community to accomplish highly goals few have ever imagined, let alone conquered – and we plan on doing just that. With prominent worldwide events seen by millions and a robust NFT marketplace in the works, the FDOGE story has only just begun. If you’re like us and expect more from your cryptocurrency of choice, we invite you to join the Fire doge movement today and be part of the fastest-growing and strongest crypto community.
The world is ready for a new, vibrant digital ecosystem of endless possibility – one we can all benefit from. The world is ready for Fire doge.


Our mission begins with lots of innovative plans in one project to crypto holders, users and investors for save their assets and life.

Fire Crypto Vision
Fire Shield Crypto Insurance

“The future of the world is undoubtedly crypto. The future of crypto is in the hands of its holders and users. Crypto holders and users are vulnerable to two types of fraudulent individuals/companies,1. hackers and 2. Scammers”

Fire doge using following programs to save users and holders from hackers and scammers.
1. Fire Crypto Vision
2. Fire Shield Crypto Insurance


The main threat of crypto users and holders are getting vulnerable by scammers. These scammers operate individually, as a group or in the disguise of a company. They target crypto users with a long-term strategy. create a token / coin and sell their coin / token to lure users with attractive advertisements and paid promotions to enhance its bogus value through counterfeit transactions. After a certain period of time, they abscond with the entire loot. An average of 190 companies a year have been believed to be involved in such an malpractice over the past three years. Fire doge is trying to develop a software named FIRE CRYPTO VISION to protect crypto users from this type of unforeseen attacks. FIRE CRYPTO VISION is designed in such a way that crypto users can identify Legit or Scam coin/token with a single click before buying/swapping.

FIRE CRYPTO VISION is a software employed to detect the authenticity of crypto coins / tokens. Public can check authenticity of their any believed/beloved new/reputed/existed crypto coins/tokens it’s legit or scam. Fire doge will allow the consumers to use our software free of cost for the first six months, which will later be released in the Fire doge website for free. After 6 months FIRE CRYPTO VISION will be updated and will be released version 2.0 Public can check their believed/beloved coins/tokens whether it’s Legit/Scam with detailed report and evidence in a single click from that updated version.The initial service charges are 0.01 BNB. We expect an average of 3 lakh people a day to use this software, which is a boon for crypto users around the world. 3000 BNB per day is expected as service charges, from which 10% (300BNB) will be earmarked for the next phase of research and development of Fire crypto vision. 40% (1200BNB) will be allotted to the FIRE SHEILD CRYPTO INSURANCE fund. 50% (1500 BNB) will be added to Fire doge liquidity and will be burned FDOGE tokens worth of 1500 BNB everyday so our FDOGE token value will be increased and Holders will gets the benefits everyday.

To start, we first launched Fire doge (FDOGE) with a vision to bridge the gap between the emergence of community-driven tokens and the well-known foundational coins of crypto, creating a unique token that provides lifestyle perks with financial rewards and incentives to its holders with a pathway for practical long-term use in everyday life. This is the first of many steps to develop an ecosystem that will be a driving force in changing what the world considers to be currency. With this became the rise of cryptocurrencies, decentralized and accessible to everyone, the vision to revolutionize the global financial market has never been closer. Cryptocurrencies serve to become the replacement for the existing currency and financial instrument for people to realize what is financial liberation.



The other type of threat to crypto users and holders are getting stolen by Hackers.

Fire doge providing a insurance plan to its holders which protects the coins/tokens from hackers. That is so called FIRE SHIELD CRYPTO INSURANCE. Fire doge holders can recover/reimburse their lost assets by using FIRE SHIELD CRYPTO INSURANCE.


Hackers use four different methods to steal all the coins / tokens from the crypto users' wallet.


The most common method is hacking the users 'mobiles, laptops and desktops to access their private key or secret phrase stored on it. And steal users' entire holdings of cryptocurrency / tokens by using their private key or secret phrase.


Hackers contacting crypto holders via mobile number, email or social networking sites send a cryptocurrency / token that they wish to give away for free (and as airdrops),attach a programmed link to it, which access the user's wallet and loots the entire coin / token in the wallet.


Hackers use the serious vulnerability in the smart contract of tokens to steal all the tokens in the wallet.


Hackers create counterfeit or duplicate currency in each blockchain, list it on decentralized exchanges such as Pancake Swap Uniswap Apeswap Quick swap, and send tokens worth $ 1000 to $ 50000 to all wallet users on that chain. Users also get excited when they see a high value token in their wallet. They try to sell those tokens immediately. The user must give approval from his wallet at the first sale of any token in decentralized exchanges. This is where hackers smartly convert the approval given for a particular coin or token into the approval for all coins / tokens in the wallet. Hackers steal all the coin tokens in the wallet once users have give their approval. Centralized exchange users (Binance, Huobi, FTX, KuCoin, okex etc) are mainly not attacked by these types of threats cause of each exchange has its own kind of firewall security systems. whereas decentralized exchange called as DEFI (pancakeswap, uniswap, Apeswap, Quickswap etc) and stored wallets (trustwallet, metamask) are mainly attacked by these types of threats and gets stolen.

“Centralized exchange users (Binance, Huobi, FTX, KuCoin, okex etc) are mainly not attacked by these types of threats cause of each exchange has its own kind of firewall security systems”


1. FIRE DOGE assures best protection for cryptocurrencies and tokens that Crypto Users have stored or purchased in their wallet.
2. FIRE DOGE protects crypto users’ wallet from all kinds of attacks by hackers.
3. FIRE DOGE provides crypto insurance service to its holders.
4. Hackers cannot steal any asset in the wallet in which it is stored FIRE DOGE.
5. FIRE DOGE Creates a safety fire wall around user’s wallet and ensures optimum security.
6. If User’s/Holder’s crypto coin or token is stolen in breach of these security features, the FIRE DOGE Support Team assures to recover them asset.
7. If crypto users have lost their Coin or Token irrevocably, FIRE DOGE will provide to them with one of the following FIRE DOGE / BTC / ETH / USDT / BNB / TRX equivalent compensation for their lost coin / tokens.
8. Users can recover lost crypto using FIRE DOGE coin. conditions apply
9. Users must have $100 worth of FIRE DOGE coins in their wallet to make an insurance claim.


As a decentralized cryptocurrency token, FIREDOGE is supported by the efforts of the community. No single entity claims ownership over FIREDOGE as the ownership has been renounced within the blockchain. This is the very first step the FIREDOGE developer team has taken to ensure that transparency is shared within the community, and future investors wishing to partake in a decentralized manner.


Trust is paramount to the success of any blockchain based cryptocurrency project and especially so when it does not have a centralized governance. Similar to the characteristics of a blockchain, where its strength is tested and bested by its weakest link, the FIREDOGE community is only as strong as its members. To further strengthen the bonding within the community, the characteristics are such that the developers do not retain any number of tokens not visible to the community. The FIREDOGE tokens are shared with the community, and trusted by the community so that ‘every FD may have a fair share’.


For FIREDOGE, community is the lifeblood for this cryptocurrency token. As a combined effort with the community conglomerate, major decisions for the development of FIREDOGE is devised in a democratic decision-making environment where upon every community member as a stakeholder has a fair representation in the future of FIREDOGE


Ultimately, the FIREDOGE community is deserving of value created during the participation of this venture of an exciting, innovative and ground-breaking foray into the meme token ecosystem as a decentralized, community-based cryptocurrency token with practical real world uses cases and utility.


FIREDOGE Token cannot be attacked with following attacks and this makes us invulnerable. Any applications build on top of BSC with our tokens can be easily audited by any developer in matters of seconds. This makes Fire Doge Token more trust-worthy than other crypto currencies and tokens.

Double spending
Race attack
Finney attack
Brute Force attack
Vector 76 attack
Balance attack
Mining pool attack
>50% attack

NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens)

The Arts

FDOGE Experiences - curated bundles combining unique relationship benefits to holders and digital art (NFTs). Each FDOGE Experience couples a unique NFT to commemorate the event or partnership. This adds value to the experience with unique digital art. These NFTs can provide recurring revenue using predetermined commission rates based on resale.

Physical and Digital NFT - NFT partnerships that allow for physical items to be digitized. The physical NFTs will be coupled with a unique digital art piece and sold at various platforms, including our own NFT Marketplace. FDOGE will continue to accumulate physical memorabilia from exclusive events.

The Club - NFT clubs are made up of unique NFT art pieces that double as an entry to an exclusive member only club community allowing for engagement between members, access for exclusive NFT releases and presale for all club related NFTs, and more. Similar clubs that have been able to grow their communities on social platforms have sold out within 72 hours.

FDOGE has a built-in audience and community that is significantly larger and more engaged than all of the other NFT Club releases to date due to our vast reach on social media and marketing presence. The Club will double as membership and access to exclusive Fire doge content. There will be multiple club launches as the club metaverse unfolds.


Based on the term ‘token’ and ‘economics,’ below are the core of FDOGE token omics. This is a community driven decentralized financial token based on Binance Smart Chain. The token was designed to be successful as we collect the money by selling Firedoge coins from General public / Investors / Companies and using it for Research & Developing FIRE CRYPTO VISION SOFTWARE.

Token Name: Fire doge
Symbol: FDOGE
Decimal: 9
Contract Address: (BEP-20) 0x061ccb39b90072246fb1e24c53e5d9a6ee93c673
(ERC-20) Polygon (MATIC) 0x5d37BfE6f3908Aa7162ecb85D7CfC57f30B49920
Tokenomic: 5% Liquidity + 5% Redistribute to Holders
Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
Polygon Chain (MATIC) (ERC-20)
Verified: Yes
Liquidity Locked: Yes For BEP-20
Link Url Click here
Transaction Hash: 0x42467db9a15995e6a6cad32140a4d998a046d1a250850c2fe0e54758da18b1fc
Renounce Ownership: Yes For BEP-20
Transaction Hash:0x1c91efb5aa97f68ae8b32114386cc34bf6522b09dfb53322070f433800b77c5
Issued Supply: 100,000,000,000,000,000
Total Burned to be: 80,000,000,000,000,000
Total Circulating supply: 20,000,000,000,000,000
Burn Wallet : 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD



One core goal of Fire doge is to bring blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to the masses in this new digital age while fostering the human element to promote connectedness and shared progress through collaborative learning. There are a lot of cryptocurrency projects out there, some that have great technology and can bring a lot of good into the world. Yet sadly, most of these projects are unknown and eventually dwindle away, primarily due to lack of awareness. This is one key area where Fire doge is drastically different. We strongly believe that our expertise in marketing strategy and managing relationships is one of the things we do best. We have established relationships with some of the most influential people in the world. With our talented team and expertise in marketing, brand development, and technology, in less than 6 months we have already been able to:

Secured top tier marketing agencies Partnered with world-renowned brand ambassadors Have received multiple endorsements from celebrities and athletes Partnered with multiple social influencers who have millions of followers, yielding hundreds of millions worth of impressions Sponsored several prime time PPV sporting events Started an “education hub” consisting of educational video series and a weekly newsletter Over 15,000 people have opted-in to receive email communications from FDOGE

Hold weekly podcast-like interviews where the community asks questions Over 20 major news outlets have featured FDOGE including Yahoo! Finance, Business Insider, and MarketWatch Established Fire doge Telegram groups in over 15+ countries Collectively we have over 20,000+ followers across our social media channels


The data contained in this white paper does not constitute financial and investment advice and is not treated as the content of a publication. This material is an offer or solicitation to invest buy, or sell for informational purposes only. No warranty is given or implied about the completeness or accuracy of the information. The team does not recommend buying or selling cryptocurrencies. Before making an investment decision, you may consult a financial adviser and do your due diligence.


Keep in mind that smart contracts always carry risks. You must use them at your own risk. All content in the publication is for guidance and educational purposes only. All information contained here must be reviewed and verified. Therefore, you need to be aware of the risks associated with trading in financial markets. We recommend that you do not trade for an amount that you cannot afford to lose.


Create a crypto world free of scammers and hackers. We need to protect crypto holders, users and investors from all sorts of clever and fraudulent attacks by hackers and scammers. Our dream is big and Thoughts are high and prudent. We shall achieve this... because our purpose is noble. With Fire doge community nothing is impossible anything I’m possible every community member should feel confident, valued and respected.

Join Fire doge community

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